Roofing Contractors and the DIY Homeowner

The pros of roofing and installing solar together are almost too numerous to count. The benefits of installing solar on-site with a comprehensive warranty are superior warranty protections, better quality control, more economical pricing, and increased product innovation. The only drawback is that due to years of work on traditional roofs and installs, there may be a bit of a learning curve when understanding the products and the installation. But the benefits far outweigh this slight inconvenience. Here are just a few reasons why.


Homeowners should be aware that numerous options are available when selecting the right¬†roofing contractor. This includes selecting a company that offers low labor rates, a warranty program, and easy, on-site installation. Remember to research your options and trust your gut when selecting. Don’t trust a company or professional that isn’t willing to put in the time and effort to get your roof installation done correctly. After all, your roof needs to last for years to come.

More Affordable Pricing: The installation of solar panels dramatically reduces the overall cost of roofing. Especially when you consider the savings from not having to purchase roofing materials or hire roofing contractors to do the work. With installation, you’ll see significant energy savings from eliminating the use of cooling and heating equipment as well. This alone can add up to significant savings over the life of your roof. When you add that no maintenance is involved, the savings don’t stop there. Solar and roofing product manufacturers now offer many new, less expensive, products that perform just as efficiently as their traditional counterparts.

Better Quality Work: It’s no secret that most roofing contractors want to keep the money coming in. And with solar panels on-site, it makes a lot of sense. Your warranty will cover materials, labor, and delivery/pick-up/delivery expenses. In addition, the warranty will cover any defects that may occur during the roof’s life, such as failing mounts or exposed wiring. Additionally, with today’s products, roofers can make smaller, easier repairs and replace solar panels, which means homeowners will get the same quality of work for far less money.

No Capital Investment Needed: Solar panel installations have always been the most difficult of roofing projects. In previous years, larger, more expensive installations were the only option for homeowners. However, solar panel installations have become much more accessible due to recent technological advances. In fact, professional installation companies are beginning to offer weekend and even short-term installation plans. That means families and business owners don’t have to invest a huge amount of money to help the environment.

Ease of Installation: For decades, roofing contractors required substantial experience and skill to complete installations on residences. However, modern technology and state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques mean solar panel installation has become much easier and less time consuming for even the most inexperienced of installers. For example, most solar contractor companies offer video instruction videos, making it easy to follow along with instructions. Additionally, all installation material is available online through reputable websites. All you need to do is purchase the materials, follow the instructions, and then install your new solar panels.

Money Saving Opportunities: Many homeowners who are interested in solar installation but are not yet able to afford large-scale installations can now take advantage of the homeowner rebate programs provided by a growing number of solar dealers. Rebates offered by these solar dealers help homeowners save money on their initial investment and on ongoing costs related to maintaining the electricity or heating source used by their house. By choosing to purchase a solar panel system from one of these dealers instead of a traditional home improvement store or certified electrician, homeowners can reduce their initial out-of-pocket expenses. As a result, they may even be able to increase their purchases to include more solar panels.

Solar installers are typically less expensive than licensed solar product specialists. There are now literally dozens of companies nationwide offering services such as; roofing installation, solar product sales, and solar installation. In addition, there are a growing number of roofing contractors specializing in a particular type of solar product family. Solar installers are especially popular among new homeowners and do-it-yourself (DIY) homeowners. These DIY homeowners typically only have a limited understanding of the specific needs involved with installing solar products and therefore would benefit greatly from the guidance and expertise of an experienced roofing contractor.

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